Dance Parties with Pros and Hosts

Ballroom and Latin dance party every Wednesday

Ballroom and Latin dance party on selected Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Argentine Tango party on every Tuesday, Thursday and selected Saturdays and Sundays

Social Dances

We offer exciting Ballroom and Latin dance socials every Wednesday night and on weekends. We have Milongas for Argentine tango lovers and popular hustle/salsa parties. We also have special events.

The music is great and the people are friendly. No partner is needed, and we welcome people of all levels.

We offer the following socials regularly:

  • Ballroom and Latin socials — every Wednesday night, on the second Saturday and the third Friday evenings of the month, and on the first Sunday in the afternoon;
  • Argentine Tango Milongas— every  Tuesday and Thursday evening,  the fourth Saturday and the first Sunday of the month;
  • Hustle parties — second Friday’s evening of the month.

We invite you to join us. Check out the fliers for upcoming dances below.

January 2020  Social Dance Schedule

Ballroom Social Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Every Wednesday
Ballroom and Latin
Dance Party
7:30 – 11 pm
$20 pp

Saturday Dinner Dance 7:30 pm

2nd Saturday of the month
Dinner Dance Ballroom Social
with Pro. Vitaly
Jan. 11, 7:30 – 11 pm

$20 pp

Sunday afternoon Dance Party 2-5 pm.

2nd Sunday of the Month
Ballroom and Latin Social

Jan. 12
2 – 5 pm
$15 pp

Argentine Tango Class and Milonga Tuesday and Thursday 8 pm

Every Tuesday and Thursday
8 – 9 pm Argentine Tango Class, $15 pp
9 – 11:30 pm Milonga, $15 pp
Class and Milonga, $20 pp

1st Sunday Milonga 2-5 pm

 1st Sunday of the month
Milonga with Carlos and Lynn

Jan. 5
2 – 5 pm
$15 pp

4th Saturday Milonga 8pm to Midnight

4th Saturday of the month
Milonga with Carlos and Lynn

Jan. 25
8 – 11:30 pm
$18 pp

Friday Dance Party

Feb. 14, 8:30 pm – 12:00 am $15pp
8 pm Free Tango Class  w/ Joel

Friday Dinner Dance Party

Trinity PYD Special Event
Dinner-Dance Party Jan. 17

7:30 – 11:30 pm

$25 pp RSVP by Jan. 13
$27 pp Jan. 14 and after


We host special events